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Mike & Katie's Alpine Adventures - Days 1 & 2 (Munich Germany)

We are off on our trip to the Alps. On Wednesday 7/12 we boarded our Iceland Air flight to our connecting city of Reykjavik. After flying over the island, we decided that we will have to plan a separate trip to come back as the island is absolutely beautiful.

After 11 hours in the air, we arrived in Munich early in the evening Thursday 7/13 and caught an Uber to our hotel. Afterwards, we familiarized ourselves with our neighborhood and had dinner a quaint Middle-Eastern restaurant where we had kabobs and a schwarma sandwich. We have quickly discovered that Munich is quite a diverse, cosmopolitan city.

On Friday 7/14 we slept in, ate a hearty breakfast at our hotel and caught a hop-on, hop off double decker bus and covered the west and northwest portions of town. The bus first took us to the Nyphenburg castle. We decided to stay on the bus and travel to the Olympiapark (Olympic Park) built for the 1972 Olympics in town. After taking a short train ride around the park, we crossed a bridge across the highway and visited the BMW museum where we both discovered what we will be asking Santa for Christmas.

Afterwards, for some unknown reason, Katie wanted to check out the men's beach volleyball at the court next to the museum. Apparently it reminded her of Top Gun....or something....

Before catching the bus back to town, we stopped to participate in the classic German tradition of day drinking. After a quick rest, we cleaned up and walked to dinner at the famous Hofbrauhaus. Along the way we stopped to take a few pictures of the Residenz palace and a few other interesting buildings. Munich's architecture is a mix of old buildings dating back to the 1300's, to more modern, minimalist, Bauhaus type designs.

Tomorrow we are planning on taking the bus again to a few other areas of town.

Until then, auf wiedersehen.