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Cabo San Lucas (2022)

Well, it's December...time for some fun in the sun, Mexican style! We've discovered that in addition to drinking palomas instead of margaritas, we love going down the street to a little taco restaurant, Gardenia's. They have amazing tacos and mango smoothies! We still enjoy hitting The Office restaurant for breakfast at least a couple of times per trip. They have an amazing fruit bowl made from a halved pineapple, and Katie LOVES it! Mike will continue to eat chilaquiles for breakfast until his final days on earth :-)

Instead of staying at the usual Pueblo Bonito Rose, we were able to upgrade to the Pueblo Bonito Blanco, next door. We spent plenty of time on the beach and shopping downtown. We also took a boat trip to visit the arch and Lover's Beach. What a fun trip...we'll be back next year Cabo! Adios!!